4 thoughts on “Monday #13: Being There

  1. Thanks for sharing Kim – so ironic is the fact that I was at Caleb’s flag football game, and was again “not” documenting and actually commented to someone – “Unfortunately I will not have a ton of documentation of my children’s endeavors”, their comment to me “But if you were you are not really getting the chance to enjoy and watch it as it happens”


  2. I totally agree Cathleen, which is why this hit a chord with me. The fact is you are there at every game, rooting him on. More important than anything else. :).
    Thanks so much for reaching out (as always!).


    • Ok, I’m following you, my friend 🙂 I totally agree. I’m usually the one holding the camera and I’ve always felt its “just not fun” and I do feel like I’m missing the total experience. Sometimes, as I scan the room, auditorium, field, court, etc. I feel like an inadequate parent because my camera (or sometimes the absence of one) is smaller than or less elaborate than others. My mother, whom has shared many memories of my childhood with me, died at at the age of 82; however, sometimes she remembered more about my toddler years than I remember my childrens’ toddler years; she never had a video camera, just her minds eye and it worked well up until the day she took her last breath.


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