Letter From An Irate Customer

Dear Mr. CEO,

I am a person with limited closet space and therefore forced to store “out of season” clothes in bulky bins in my basement.

Last Spring, your clever advertisers wooed me into buying your Spacebags, promising me easy, space-saving storage.  As instructed, I filled them with my fall and winter clothes, as well as two blankets, and vacuumed all of the air from the bags until they were flat pallets. To my pleasant surprise, they fit easily under my bed and along the top of my closet. I bid a happy farewell to my old-fashioned bins.

Yesterday, upon releasing the air from said bags, I pulled out my clothes and blankets. At first glance, all seemed perfectly well. But upon wear, I found your so-called “Space bags” shrunk my clothes – every last article – by several inches.

I am so distressed, I cannot bring myself to measure the blankets.

So, I am filing a formal complaint to your company and recommend that you include a warning on your packaging that says something like this:


As for me, I’ll return to my bulky, plastic bins held in my dank basement, thank you very much.


Kimberly Wenzler

PS: Please disregard this mark here –>  ⊗    I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps an ink stain. It is most definitely NOT a Mallomar smudge.

6 thoughts on “Letter From An Irate Customer

  1. Seriously? I had no idea that could happen. So, thank you for saving me money and I too will stick with those plastic bins! It stinks if it ruined some of your favorite clothes/blankets!!


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