High School Mom

10 differences between Kim as an Elementary School mom and Kim as a High School mom, on the first day of school:

Elem Sch: Stack of new school clothes piled neatly in drawers. 1st day of school outfit picked out a week in advance.

HS: No new school clothes. They wore what they’ve been wearing all summer because it doesn’t get cold for another month, at least.

Elem Sch: New, unworn, clean sneakers on feet.

HS: Sneakers they’ve been wearing all summer still fit.

Elem Sch: Brand spanking new backpack filled with all 30 items listed on school website, (including a smock) and a roll of paper towels, for which I didn’t understand the need, but got it anyway.

HS: Boys have backpacks almost as old as some of the children starting kindergarten. They contain a single- subject spiral notebook and a pen.

Elem Sch: Boys bathed and in bed early the night before to prepare for awakening and  morning “get-ready-for-school” festivities.

HS: Boys went to bed the night before only after the hockey draft was complete. 11 pm.

Elem Sch: Woke cherubs up at 8 am, an hour before the bus was due so they could acclimate to the morning and the fact that summer was actually over.

HS: They woke up themselves at 6:35 am for 7:00 bus.

Elem Sch: Made healthy breakfast of eggs and toast for their little brains to be at peak form for learning.

HS: Walked into kitchen to find them eating waffle and nutella sandwiches.

Elem Sch: Arrived at bus stop 10 minutes early as instructed and waited for 40 minutes because it was late. Then made it wait longer while I took picture of each child in front of bus, then getting onto bus and then in seat on the bus (through window- I’m not crazy enough to actually get ON the bus- don’t want to embarrass them).

HS: I think the bus came 4 minutes early because when I passed the window after making coffee, the boys weren’t on the street anymore.

Elem Sch: Can’t believe I’ll have the whole day to myself! Whatever will I do with my time?

HS: The first day of school feels no different than any other day in that they’re never home anyway.

Elem Sch: Maybe I’ll go to Yoga or Spin class! Perhaps I’ll clean or shop or have lunch with a friend!

HS: Back hurts, eyes are bleary. Need. Coffee. Must work.

Elem Sch: Waited for cherubs at the bus stop at the end of the day to welcome them with kisses and snack at the table for our after-school chat. Asked how they like their teacher. Listened to stories of their day.

HS: Answered banging door because they get home so damn early, I totally forgot and didn’t unlock it. Have no idea who their teachers are – there are so many. Received “Good” as answer for how their past 6 hours went.

I’m certainly not the same school mom I was a decade ago when I waited at the bus-stop with a camera in my hand and butterflies in my stomach. They’ve changed too. A part of me misses it, but the other part of me is enjoying this last stage before – gasp – college.

Have a wonderful school year everyone!

8 thoughts on “High School Mom

  1. So very true and I’m currently living both ends of the spectrum – one in kindergarten, one in college and 2 in between. Have to say love it all ❤️


  2. Every time I read this it reinforces my admiration for you. Your talents (author, mom, wife, daughter, sister, chauffeur, cook, employee, etc.) never cease to amaze me. Love you, your proud dad. 😍

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