Older Moms, New Tricks

Hello Friends,

So, my mother and mother-in-law finally retired their flip phones and joined 2015. They got their first iPhones.

Cue the dramatic music. Dun dun duuuuunn! (I don’t actually have dramatic music – so, apologies, but use your imagination.)

After a few brief tutoring sessions where we showed the basic features of the phone, we left them to their own devices (pun intended). As expected, they caught on quickly to receiving and making calls. Texting however, took a bit more time. They struggled with thumb-typing, so both women took immediately to using the microphone to send texts.

At first, I was receiving messages like this:

I can’t find a book before you leave send

And I’m going to say hi Kim I don’t know what you’re talking about thank you printed out

While quite entertaining, I was of course confused and had to call them to clarify, negating the use of the text feature.

Then my 82-year-old mother-in-law sent this:


I’m told she was at Happy Hour after Canasta and it was the wine talking. Her first (drunk) selfie. Hopefully her last. Though I won’t hold my breath. She runs with a racy crowd.

Yesterday, my sons told me that my mom started a group text. That’s right. A group text. Check it out:textIMG_0862


I’m so proud.

Now, I just need to get them to stop accidentally FaceTiming me.

We’re almost there.

8 thoughts on “Older Moms, New Tricks

  1. Funny because its true! I just finished your book and I loved it! I don’t know if I was the inspiration for Hope but I will think I am anyway. Lol I hope we will have a book club soon, the emails are driving me crazy lol Have a great week and I hope I see you soon. Hope

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