Author Interviews @kimberlywenzler #author #writers

This week I was honored to be interviewed by one of my favorite bloggers. If you want a daily chuckle, visit I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Author Interviews

Welcome to my weekly slot – Author Interviews. 

These slots are where I find out about the writer behind the book and and gain some valuable insight on the writing process.

I have interviewed some fabulous authors and so far not one has put me off writing and publishing book! In fact whilst I have been doing these slots I have been writing more than ever.

Today I feel blessed because one of my favourite authors has agreed to sit in my chair. I read her book Both Sides of Love’  last year and loved it. She has this wonderful writing style and her book took me on an emotional rollercoaster.

I also follow Kimberly on Facebook and I would love to go to one of her Book Club evenings as they look fab! I just know that we would have a giggle if I showed up.


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