Bucket List Moments

I love award shows: Academy, SAG, Grammys, Emmys…and yes, the Tony’s. Comfy on my couch, in my pajamas, balancing a healthy-sized bowl of ice cream, is where you’ll find me during any of these broadcasts throughout the year.

With the exception of Sunday night. On Sunday night, I wore a dress and makeup – not a patch of flannel or a bowl of ice cream in sight – and sat in the audience at Radio City Music Hall.  That’s right, I went to the Tony Awards.

I have to say that again.

I went to the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall Sunday night. 

It was A. May. Zing!

Thanks to my husband and the company he works for, who happens to be a large sponsor of the Tony’s, we had incredible seats. Mega-stars such as Denzel, Springsteen, Claire Danes, Laurie Metcalfe, Nathan Lane, Christine Baranski, Matt Bomer, Jim Parons, Amy Schumer, Kerry Washington, and the adorable Andrew Garfield (Yes  –Spiderman!) are among those who walked past us, a mere arms-length away, all night.  I was gaga.

Led by Josh Groban and Sarah Bareilles, the show itself was a veritable feast for the ears and eyes. Elaborate musical performances, presenters, winners and non-winners (there was not one “loser” in the place), entertained us for hours. Did you know that while you’re visiting the bathroom or the fridge during commercials, they’re still giving out awards? They take no breaks.

There were many humorous moments as well as tearful ones, in particular, the special award given to Melody Herzfeld, the drama teacher from Parkland, Fl,  who helped keep  65 of her students safe during the school shooting, which was followed by the surprise, emotional performance of her students on stage.

In the bathroom, a woman standing behind us accidentally stood on our guest’s (and my new friend’s) dress. She was horrified and apologized profusely, to which my friend assured her it was okay. Half an hour later, that same woman was on the stage with her cast, receiving her Tony! We peed with her! I whispered to my neighbor.

Steve returned from the bathroom, sat down and said: I just walked past Anna Wintour.

Oh, just another day.

After the show, we were invited to the post-Tony Gala at the Plaza. I kid you not. I didn’t think it was possible, but the night kept getting better. This is where all the nominees and Tony-award winners went to party after the show. I met Ari’el Stachel, who won for The Band’s Visit, shook his hand and told him I loved his acceptance speech. He thanked me graciously and then I took a picture of him with Christopher Jackson, who played George Washington in Hamilton.

Matthew Morrison (Glee)  was a doll, indulging me with a picture.

One word of advice: If you ever meet Andrew Rannells, the Tony award winner actor from The Book Of Mormon, Grammy award winner for Best Musical Theater Album, Tony nominee for Falsetto’s and Hairspray, Hamilton, Jersey Boys and The Boys in the Band actor, DON’T lead in with: I’m a huge fan…I loved you in The Intern. Take my word for it.

Food was in abundance and champagne flowed all night. Among other notables, we did miss Josh Groban and Sarah Bareilles, who were both upstairs socializing with the guests, and had left when we finally reached that floor. It was unfortunate but didn’t damped our high at all. After watching some performances by wonderful (unknown to us) singers, we finally pulled ourselves from the grandest party we’d ever been to and went home.

Here are some pics from the evening.


The flowers are real! Aren’t they gorgeous?


Champagne much?


This is one of the main rooms at the Plaza


 One of the performers at the gala – has a great voice


With all of the stars in the building, this was still my favorite sight. 

Well, thank you for allowing me to share a memorable experience with you.

Next stop, The Academy Awards.

One day.

Talk soon. Kim xo

After The Fire

Last week over 1,000 people were evacuated from their homes when an apartment building caught fire in New Jersey. You may have seen the story, the footage and updates on the news. It was a massive, 5-alarm fire that – over fourteen hours – completely annhilated two-hundred and forty apartments.

Days later, many of these people have been allowed to return to their homes. However, five hundred residents are permanently displaced. It is a great travesty and though we count our blessings that no lives were lost, there are countless irreplacable treasures and tangible memories that are gone and many are grieving.

My brother and his wife are among the victims of this fire. Every day I speak to him and every day he tells me of the outpouring of support, assistance and love he and my sister-in-law receive. He is constantly surprised by the long-distance and local calls of old friends and acquaintances who want to help.

Hearing this – detecting a glimmer of hope through his deflated voice makes me thankful and reaffirms my faith in humanity.

I think of the firemen who rescued four tenants from the building, who stayed all night trying to contain the fire so it wouldn’t spread, the quiet souls who devote their lives to protecting others. I’m thankful for them, too.

I asked my brother what they need. They lost everything. We’ll be okay, he tells me. They’ll start over. They’ll all have to start over. Others are worse off than us. Just keep these people in your prayers.

As the days pass and the news coverage of this tragic fire is replaced by new events: politics, upcoming elections and the massive blizzard this week, please keep these people- who cannot weather the storm in their own homes, surrounded by their cherished possessions- in your thoughts and prayers.

And for those of you in the path of Winter Storm Juno – be safe and warm.