Year in Review

Hello Friends,

Guess what? On May 29th, this blog turned one! (Let’s try to look past the fact that I forgot to note this on the actual day). Yay! And thank you!

To celebrate my one year anniversary, here’s an update on the year in posts:

I still enjoy (read as “endure”) my visits to the wax salon regularly. (The In-Between)waxing8

I cannot walk through my garage without picturing that huge, monstrous spider I found on my son’s smelly hockey bag last August. It will only get worse for me now that we’re entering in to spider season. Can you feel my pain? (Spider!)

This is a shot of the dead guy. I couldn’t get a picture of him when he was alive due to the screaming (mine). Imagine this monster staring at you with his legs at full length. That’s right. Frightening!






I got another spray tan last week, in preparation for a wedding we attended in Georgia. My mole patrol visits continue – some better than others. (Mole Patrol Blues) Please, I beg you, wear your sunscreen. Trust me. And for great advice on what sunscreens to use, check out this site: FoodBabe

Speaking of weddings, we went to our second one in two months and my “old” status is confirmed. Once again, no dancing, and much eating. I am so far over that line, I can hardly see it. (Walking That Line)

I am most definitely going to try to do summer right this year. Most. Definitely.(Summer…I’m Doing it Wrong)

Still involved with my two book clubs: Lit Ladies and Wine Not Read. (Confessions of a Cheater). Read 24 books since the inception of this blog. Loved my time with Paullina Simons, JoJo Moyes, Colleen Hoover and Tana French. 

One month ago today I published Both Sides of Love on Amazon. I am so appreciative of the wonderful reviews I’ve received. I cannot wait to meet the two book clubs this month who are reading the book and have invited me to join them.

Last, but not least, regarding my Hula Hoop plan (Hashtag Muffin-Top) : Waist is still MIA. Beginning to wonder if some blame should be put on peanut butter/chocolate addiction. But not jumping to hasty conclusions just yet.

It’s been an eventful year. Thank you for sticking with me. I look forward to the next!

Happy Weekend!