Just checking in…

Hello Friends,

Welcome to November. This is it. Halloween is over. The “season” is upon us. The time of year where we face the daily countdown to you-know-when and fight to win the merciless race against the holiday clock, all while maintaining a jolly disposition. I’m not worried. Everything gets done. Then I celebrate with a pajama marathon of my own in front of the fireplace with wine and my kindle.

Someone somewhere decided that we should all get a head start by turning our clocks back an hour. Woo hoo. A whole hour. Still, I’ll take it. I could use the sleep.

My son turns seventeen this month, which is weird because I’m still only thirty. The mirror tells me otherwise, but in my mind, I’m still that new mom worried about her little baby. Except this baby is taking his road test next week and I’ll have to face the fact that one day very soon, days maybe, I’ll hand him car keys and say goodbye. Be careful. Come back…with mint chocolate chip ice cream, if possible. Okay, there is an upside.

My second book, Letting Go, a story very close to my heart, was released in September. It’s doing well. In fact, I will be a guest at a book club tomorrow where they will be discussing it. I’m so looking forward to hearing the group’s responses. It’s a wonderful learning experience for me to hear how readers react to my book, both positively and negatively.


I recently finished Circling The Sun, by Paula McClain, based on Beryl Markham’s early life in Kenya before she flew solo (the first woman to do it) across the Atlantic from east to west. If you enjoyed The Paris Wife, I highly recommend this. McClain is a wonderful writer. I’d never heard of Beryl Markham and now I’ve added her own book, West With the Night, to my TBR list.

Then I re-read On The Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves because I remember loving it so much years ago. I loved it again. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do. She self-published that one, you know. It’s still my favorite of her books. Lastly, I read In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. A bit dark (no, I’m not trying to be funny) and predictable, but it moved along quickly and kept my interest.  CirclingSun

OTI original cover

So, that’s about it for now. I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll be back before the real craziness sets in. Take a breath.

What are your plans for the upcoming season?


Both Sides Of Love

Hello Friends,

I know. I’ve been MIA these past weeks (okay, month). I’ve been spending the bulk of my time getting ready for the release of my debut novel, Both Sides Of Love, and I wanted to take a break and say hi.


I decided to self-publish, so after doing my homework, after many re-writes, feedback from beta readers, and edits, I hired a professional editor. Now, my graphic designer and I finally decided on a cover.

In the meantime, my To-Be-Read list is growing because I haven’t been reading – something I do so much, it’s a part of who I am. And I miss it!

This is what’s on my TBR list:

Covet by Tracey Garvis-Graves, who wrote the amazing On The Island (also a self-pubbed book!)

Bellagrand by Paullina Simons – I have to read the love story of Alexander’s parents. And…I’m just a tad fanatical.

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Phillip Sendker. I’ve heard so many great things about this book.

One Plus One by JoJo Moyes. Because it’s by JoJo Moyes. I don’t need another reason.

There are more, but those are my top titles. And I look forward to taking a break and diving into one. Reading is a great source of inspiration and a necessary hobby for a writer. Maybe next week I’ll offer my opinion on the books I’ve read since I last posted my reviews. There have been a few. But for now…

I’m really excited about the upcoming release of Both Sides Of Love – a story about friendship and lost love.

Here is the cover:


cover_400Isn’t it beautiful? I  have my graphic designer, Suzanne Fyrhie Parrott, to thank!   I wish you all a wonderful week. I hope the weather is beautiful where you are. Here in NY, Spring has finally arrived.

Speak to you soon!

On The Island


In my social circles, I am constantly asked for book recommendations. For the past several months, I’ve answered with one question. Did you read On The Island?

So, I thought I’d jot a little blurb about one of my faves this past year for those many readers who frequent this site (3, I think). This is not a true review. There are so many out there and I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. These are just my thoughts on this book and its author:

I read On The Island last year, and like so many others, fell in love with Anna and TJ and their story of survival, friendship and love.

When their plane crashes into the sea near the Maldives, Anna and TJ (tutor and student) eventually end up on a deserted tropical island and together they figure out how to overcome various obstacles, natural threats and against all odds, survive.

I got caught up in Anna’s bravery and then TJ’s. I even envied their life, free from possessions and money and clothes. Living on fish and breadfruit, they were thin and tan and healthy. How could they not fall in love?

I won’t spoil the story for those who have yet to read it. Suffice it to say, I wept and I cheered.

I wrote a long email to Tracey Garvis Graves, author of this newly discovered treasure. In my email, I gushed over her book and asked a bunch of questions about her publishing experience, since I’m a writer (though far less successful at the moment), not once believing she’d take the time to write me back.

I’ve been writing for years, while telemarketing on the side, so I’m ass-deep in rejection but extremely patient. I figured I had half a chance of getting a response. Won’t get answers if you don’t try, right?

Tracey answered me within the hour. Every question. One writer to another, though I’m a struggling unknown. I’ll always be grateful to her.

I started following her blog, friended her on Facebook and waited.

During that time, I tried to convince my husband we should escape to a remote island indefinitely, live on fish and fruit, swim in turquoise water every day, lose weight so we can finally walk around naked and fully tan without embarrassment, really get to know each other without meddling distractions like cell phones and television. I promised I’d even leave my books behind (Looking back, I’m aghast at my desperation).  It sounded positively dreamy. It still does. The man wouldn’t budge; something about “kids” and “responsibility”.

A year later, Uncharted, a novella connected to Anna and TJ’s story, was released on July 2nd. July 3rd, I read the last page, satisfied. But wanting more.

Covet, Garvis Graves’ next novel is due to be released in Sept.

You have less than a month to catch up. Go get On The Island. Then read Uncharted. If you’re not completely happy, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll wait for the next one…

It’s a good thing I’m patient.