Seasons Out Of Time (2020)

First Place Winner of Contemporary Fiction in the 2022 Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

SoT  Newly separated empty-nester Heather Harrison knows how to answer difficult everyday life questions. After all, being an advice columnist is a job she’s excelled at for over fifteen years. But what would Dear Abby say about Heather’s romantic interest in a younger man?

After years of a lonely, failing marriage, a man nearly two decades younger challenges Heather to live. But along with the excitement of the unconventional romance comes the negative backlash of others. And a secret that may shatter her.

A journey of self-discovery awaits. Will Heather be brave enough endure it?

Available in May, 2020 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Angie’s review on Goodreads:

“Well, I didn’t see that coming…I could not put this book down. Maybe it was because my own broken heart found comfort in the story. It wasn’t just a romance book. The characters had depth and were relatable. 

I’m kinda sad I finished reading it.”

AWARDFabricOfUs_ProductCover2021The Fabric Of Us (2018) 

2021 Reader’s Favorite Award Winner

On the eve of Olivia Bennet’s fiftieth birthday, she and her husband, Chris, toast to the next stage of their lives. Their children are settled; Ella is married and planning a family and Nick is starting his senior year at college. After thirty years of sacrifices and struggles for their family, it is finally time to do all the things they’ve dreamed to do as a couple.
Always unpredictable, life has other plans for the Bennets when Olivia gets shocking news that threatens all that she and Chris have built together.

* * *

Alternating between the past and present, THE FABRIC OF US beautifully unfolds the layers of a devoted marriage, exposing an interwoven thread of secrets and consequences that threaten to unravel a relationship once believed to be built on love, trust and faith.

Available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

ALettingGoMASTERLetting Go (2015)

The Buchanans are living an idyllic life on Long Island. Max is a successful author, Lucy is his supportive stay-at-home wife, and their only child, Sammy, is the center of their world.
On February 1, 2007 their lives change forever.
A year later, Max is hiding behind writer’s block—shuffling through daily life with minimal effort while eight-year-old Sammy devises his own process of dealing with his upturned world. His secret conversations with his mother give him the strength to adjust to his new life and new family dynamic.
When trouble at school brings Max and Sammy’s teacher together, Max is torn between awakened feelings of need and desire and the love he still harbors for his wife. Sammy forms a closer bond with Benjamin, the troubled teen across the street, who suffers from the pain of his past and plays a dangerous, illegal game. And Lucy, watching as her family unravels, is helpless. Or is she?

* * *

In Wenzler’s second novel, Letting Go tells the heartwarming story about a mother who refuses to leave her child, and as she watches her husband begin a new life, must figure out how to hold on and when to let go.

Available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Debbi DuBose, Goodreads review

“Wenzler’s Letting Go gets everything perfectly right about loss; just the way it really is. This gorgeously, well crafted novel made me cry, but ultimately, it made me very happy!”

Kathy, Goodreads review

“Absolutely loved this story!! Captured by the characters’ tenderness, vulnerability, & strength all mixed together!! A MUST read!!”

Both Sides of Love

2019 IAN Book of the Year Awards Finalist in Women’s Fiction

Twenty-one-year-old Lizzie Adler had everything a young woman could want: she was beautiful, bright, and had both a faithful best friend and a handsome boyfriend with whom she was deeply in love. In one fell swoop, calamity strikes, stripping Lizzie of all that she holds dear. While driving with her best friend, Nan, en route to a party, Lizzie collides with another car.

The results are devastating: Nan doesn’t survive the accident, while Lizzie is forever crippled and disfigured. Lizzie undergoes scores of surgeries and endures ample physical therapy, which ultimately leave her with a face and body she can no longer recognize.

Meanwhile, Daniel has just recently left Lizzie to stay with his ailing grandparents in England. He intended to return to her arms after just one summer. Little did he know that, after months of silence from his beloved, he would receive a cold, curt break-up letter, devoid of explanation.

Unable to bear the pain brought on by memories of who she used to be, Lizzie casts her former identity aside forever and decides to go by the name of Beth.

Fast forward twelve years, and Beth is now an almost-happily-married stay-at-home mom with a five-year-old daughter, Stacy. Boredom and pressure from her husband, Alan prompt Beth to join Stacy’s school’s PTA. There, she meets Noreen: the first woman she is able to connect with since Nan’s death so many years ago. Beth is delighted to have finally found someone with whom to face the travails of womanhood.

Unfortunately, friendship with Noreen comes at an unexpected, and painfully high, price.

Both Sides of Love is the poignant story of a woman struggling to love and accept who she is while vigilantly guarding a painful secret from her best friend – a secret that would ultimately tear their families apart.

Available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

AJ Bostelman
Amazon Review: Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“Exquisite prose. Tight story line. Strong characters that hold their own. Filled with emotion as well as simplicity. I’m having a hard time getting into my next book after this beautiful story. A book I will never forget.”


Amazon: This review is from: Both Sides Of Love (Kindle Edition)
“This book was awesome from the first page, could not put it down had many twists and turns. Reflected on real life, you can’t help but feel for all the characters. I laughed, I cried a lot. Would recommend this book to anyone that loves to read. I would love to say so much more but don’t want to give anything away……just read it you won’t regret it!!!!”


6 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hi Kim ! I absolutely Loved, and could not put down The fabric of us !!! You are a fantastic writer !!! I can’t wait for your next…. Love your Books !!!!


    • Hi Kim ! You’ve done it once again ! Seasons out of time had me so absorbed, I could not put it down. So enjoyable, Very suspenseful and powerful. Each book you write is somehow better than the one before. Hard to believe…. Please continue your journey to write, as you are Amazingly talented. I very much look forward to the next one ! Love all your Books So Much !!!
      Love, Trish Lynch

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have read the fabric of us and just finished letting go and now waiting to get, both side of love. You writing is so amazing, and cant put your books down! Sharing them with my 3 sisters. and they feel the same way! Thank you and keep on writing.


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