Goodnight, Summer

On the great white beach

there was a yellow sun

and a striped umbrella

and rolling waves and an ice cream seller

and sand through the toes and zinc on the nose

and coconut oil and a sandwich in foil

an aggressive bird and a flying kite

and a delicious, cold Michelob light

and skin and a tattoo of a snake and a rose

And a lifeguard whispering

“It’s over. We’re closed.”

Goodnight beach, goodnight sun

Goodnight umbrella and ice cream seller

Goodnight toes, goodnight nose

Goodnight oil and sandwich in foil

Goodnight bird, goodnight kite

Goodnight cold Michelob light

Goodnight tattoo of a snake with a rose

Goodnight to the lifeguard whispering

“We’re closed.”

Goodnight summer, goodnight air

Goodnight beaches everywhere