To Say Goodbye

We never quite know what our last words will be to those we love. We part ways with a hug, a kiss, or a wave, without a second thought.

You left us a few days ago, during this strange time, and we weren’t there to say Goodbye. Instead, we’re left with mixed emotions: sadness, frustration, regret, and love.

There are things I want to say. I’m sorry. I’m sorry everyone who loved you couldn’t be by your side during your last days.

If I knew our last conversation would be our last, I would have said, Thank you.

Thank you for being the kind, humble, and giving man that you were.
Thank you for loving my children.
Thank you for teaching my husband how to sail, and for countless days on the water all those summers ago.
Thank you for sharing stories of your youth, and teaching us the history of our town.
Thank you for loving my mother for the past twenty-five years.
Thank you for sharing your family with our family.
Thank you for the wonderful memories that we have to hold onto.

As you sail into the setting sun, with the warm wind at your back, I pray you are at peace.


James I. Baylis 1930- 2020

23 thoughts on “To Say Goodbye

  1. That was beautiful Kim. It breaks my heart that we were not able to spend time with him during his last days. He was such a wonderful man and he will be missed. I know he is in a better place now. May he rest in peace.

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  2. Omg Kim that was beautiful and I’m so very sorry. I don’t know the situation but if he was in a facility I’m going to say he was not alone. Please reach out if you need anything – 💔


  3. Kim,
    So beautifully written. We are so sorry for your loss and deepest sympathy to Mom. Jim was was of the really good guys and I know how special him and your Mom were together. Again please accept our deepest sympathies to the whole family.
    Jim and Christine

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